Digi Anywhere USB 8 connection issue

I am trying to access the console port of my device, connected to DIGI Anywhere USB C 8, from my PC.
The device is getting detected in the anywhere USB manager app. But it appears with a ‘?’ instead of the console port symbol.

The Console port is appearing in the device manager list of my PC.
But I am not able to access my device console port using Putty or Tera Term.

Have anyone faces similar issues. any idea how to resolve this.

I guess you are talking about the issue with USB to serial adapter connected to Digi Hub.
The symbol “?” in the Digi Manager app is not a problem for correct operation.
I would check the COM port status in the Windows Device Manager to see if it looks fine, then check the serial port settings, they must match on both sides.

Hi Nicolas.

Thanks for the reply.

The COM port is getting detected in my PC device manager. And I can see the same getting detected in the teraterm pull down list too.
But when I try to open the port in teraterm, it gives me the error ‘cannot open COM37. (0x000001b1)’.

The drivers for the COM port are up to date in my PC.
And I am able to access the device when directly connected to my PC.

I am also able to access other device (different Console port HW) using my DIGI Anywhere USB hub. But for some reason, this particular HW is not working with the DIGI USB hub.

In your reply, you mentioned that the serial port setting must match in both ends. Is this the PC and the DIGI Hub. How do I change the serial port settings in the DIGI Hub.

Thank you.

Below is the model and FW of the DIGi Hub.

|Model: |AnywhereUSB 8 Plus|
|Current Version: ||

Might this be FW related ?
I tried to update the FW from the Web GUI. But it is throwing error ‘error occurred while downloading the FirmWare list (28)’.

Yes, please update FW to the latest one.
This error usually happens due to firewall issues.
You can grab the latest firmware on our website and update it locally

Not able to update the FW to the latest one ( failing verification.
I managed to update the FW to version -

But still have the issue.

At this point, I would recommend emailing us at tech.support@digi.com to get a case going to resolve the problem. Then we can track the changes and information more easily.

@Abhijith, you’ll find the ? status described near the bottom of the following page:


In my experience, this can sometimes be related to AnywhereUSB Manager being run on an OS hosted within a Virtual Machine, and where the Explicit USB Class hasn’t been set for the USB ports within the VM settings:


Hope that helps! I’m in agreement with @nicolaus that if that doesn’t do the trick, please contact Tech Support.

Hi Nicolaus, Michaelt,

Sure. Will drop a mail to tech Support.

As on Michaelt’s comment, I am not using any VM. Trying to access the console port from the same PC on which the Anywhere USB manager is installed.



I was trying to share support files to tech support. but my mails get bouncing back from tech support side.
SI there any alternate mail ID I can use to drop mails.

Case # 544836 Created: Digi Anywhere USB 8 to Console port connection issue

Thank you.