AnywhereUSB/14 serial port connection not working


I have AnywhereUSB/14 installed and reachable from PC. I am trying to connect to serial port machine via Putty remotely. Using latest 3.90.213 drivers. When I connect my PC to Remote Hub connection status is successful but I am not able to use serial (COM) ports. When I look at my device manager I see two new “yellow question mark” devices under Other devices:
Enhanced Com Port and Standard Com Port but I am cannot update drivers for them. Tryed to run AwDrvInstall several times but it is not helping. RealPortUSB Host Controller and RealPortUSB Root hubs are installed properly and are visible under Universal Serial Bus controllers.
System is old HP Compaq Elite 8000 CMT with fully updated Windows 7 64 bit.
Any ideas?