What is ZigBeeDDOState class?

What is ZigBeeDDOState class? When I ported my old 7.4 NetOs project into 7.5.2, it crashes on startup. Something to do with mesh and Zigbee???


 A couple of things:

 How is BSP_ENABLE_XBEE defined in bsp_serial.h in your project?

 What process did you use to "port" your project from V7.4 to V7.5.2?

 What you applied all patches available to yo via the package manager?

I created a new Net OS project, selecting the itms I was interested in, FTP, SNTP, Web Server, etc.
I then ported my source code into that project. Changed the necessary defines in Appconf.h, changed root.c to launch my code.

I have applied all patches.

Here is something - When I build a sample program it will run on my target. When I choose to create a new net OS project, selecting features I am interested in, that is when it won’t run and crashes. This is without adding my custom code.


What hardware platform?
When you select the services you want in the project, exactly what do you select?
You made a comment about changes to appconf.h. What exactly do you change.

Why do I ask this? I just created a NET+OS project on the connectme9210. I selected web server, ftp, telnet cli and sntp. I built it and downloaded it into a connectme9210. I did not get a crash.

Connect ME Hardware.

In appconf.h I changed a few defines for static IP address on all interfaces, root password, etc. Consts that already exist.

Digi tech support just told me to delete all files in the src/apps/DigiESPProject/web/result/fixed/mesh directory. When I did, I now get compiler errors.

-Wl,-Map,image.map -Wl,–wrap=tfGetAddrInfo
./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x58): undefined reference to Pgmesh_config' ./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x5c): undefined reference to Pgmesh_config_Form_1’
./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x60): undefined reference to Pgmesh_legacy_serial_config' ./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x64): undefined reference to Pgmesh_legacy_serial_config_Form_1’
./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x68): undefined reference to Pgmesh_zigbee_advanced_config' ./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x6c): undefined reference to Pgmesh_zigbee_advanced_config_Form_1’
./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x70): undefined reference to Pgmesh_zigbee_config' ./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x74): undefined reference to Pgmesh_zigbee_config_Form_1’
./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x78): undefined reference to Pgmesh_zigbee_config_table' ./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x7c): undefined reference to Pgmesh_zigbee_config_table_Form_1’
./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x80): undefined reference to Pgmesh_network_view' ./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x84): undefined reference to Pgmesh_network_view_Form_1’
./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x88): undefined reference to Pgmesh_device_state' ./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x8c): undefined reference to Pgmesh_device_state_Form_1’
./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x90): undefined reference to Pgmesh_fw_update' ./web/result/fixed/RpPages.o:(.data+0x94): undefined reference to Pgmesh_fw_update_Form_1’
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [image.elf] Error 1
make: Target `all’ not remade because of errors.

The point of the crash is ZigBeeDDOState.hh:31 0x004f514 which is really weird since I do not have ZIGBEE defined.


In file \web\result\fixed find file rppages.c. You’ll find a bunch of extern references. For yucks, comment out all references to Pgmesh*. That should allow the application to build. You got the linker errors because you got rid of the .cc files which built object files that rppages.c was still looking for.


At what point does this crash? I am looking for an answer such as:
As soon as I enter applicationStart
When I surf to the device
When I surf to the device and touch a page
Something to that effect

It crashes immediately even before reaching root.c main.
Commenting out the mesh stuff let it compile, but the issue remains. This time however, the crash did not originate from Zigbee code but instead from INIT.s. I wish I could attach a screen capture to show you where the debugger stops in CustomizeExceptionHandler().

The code in init.s generally runs very early in the booting process. It sets up memory et al. The only reason I could think of at this juncture, why init.s would fail is if you were running on a different platform than you selected when you build the project. Saw you selected connectme but you ran on a connectme9210 (just used as examples).

As an experiment, if you create a new project but select only ONE service, say ftp, does that fail? And you stated earlier that running a NET+OS sample project does not fail. The code at the init.s level is teh same between sample projects (you do not select services) and regular projects (you do select services).

When I build a new project and select just one item such as FTP server, it still crashes. This time somewhere in nami_epoch().
When I installed the NET Os tools I chose Connect ME as the platform. As well as when I create a new project.
The Net OS is eclipse based, correct? It is important to note I have QNX Momentics installed on this machine which is also eclipse based. I don’t know if the 2 don’t get along, but they are certainly installed in entirely different directories.

The IDE that NET+OS uses (ESP) is eclipse based. I do not know one way or the other if an other product’s eclipse would have an effect on this. Below ESP and eclipse , gnu tools & cygwin are used for performing the compiling and linking. Any chance you have multiple versions of cygwin installed on this machine?

There is only one cygwin folder.