What joins the switch input on one zigbee, with the output on another?

There are multiple examples out there (Digi and Sparkfun being two of the main ones) where one Zigbee is set for Input on a D0 pin, and another Zigbee is set for Output on its same D0 pin. Then when a switch is closed on the input Zigbee, the corresponding output LED turns on on the output Zigbee. My question . . . nothing in either example seems to turn on (or program) a “linkage” between the two modules bits. How does the output module know to turn on it’s D0 LED when it receives a packet from the input with it’s D0 switch closed? Is the assumption that “whenever I receive a packet from another device, mirror any inputs sent to any corresponding outputs I have.” ??? (So if I’ve got 10 door/window sensors on different Zigbee’s, all sending packets to the same Coordinator for logging, as each incoming packet hits the Coordinator, its output bits will flip to match the received packet?) It probably doesn’t matter in my application, because I’ll be reading those packets through an Arduino for logging. But I’m unclear what AT command “associates action” from input device to output device. Or is association automatically assumed when one side is input, and sends a packet to the other side set for output??? Thanks.

What you are asking for is a General Purpose IO line pass. Something that the Zigbee enabled and other mesh enabled product do not support. You need to use the XBee 802.15.4 products for that function.