What kind of XBee is this, how to know the firmware

Hi guys,

I’m quite new to XBee, not to Arduino and Hardware programming though.

I have this model:

I want to communicate with it, but how do I get the Firmware from it and the correct version that it can mate with. The module is connected to a USB cable. I want to intercept the messages from the other side that this unit apparently cooperates with.

I see a lot of different Xbee modules at e.g. the Seeedstudio website, but what module do I need to interface it with. It is an older module so the S1?!!! How do I know it has 802.15.4 capabilities or not etc.?


Johan, just some software engineer.


This is a picture of an XBee Pro, Series 1. See this KBase article http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl?id=3150.

You can also read the firmware with the XCTU utility.

I don’t see an xbee in the picture. What happens when you attach the usb cable to your computer? Does it create a serial port? Try using the X-CTU software to connect to it?


The image is indeed a bit too large :frowning: bit if you look at the link you see that there IS an XBee there :wink:

I already solved it and more problems, but that is no wonder since you reply on a 3 months old question, I don’t know how you develop, but most people need a faster pace!

Thanks anyway for the help!

There is no clickable link available to me.

well, the image is just way too large, so right click it, press “copy image location”, then open it in a new browser window and see the result… you don’t need to be a rocketeer for that or do you?!


Correct, a “rocketeer” as you say would have just corrected the image in the first place.

well, and I’m not so live with it :wink: