What needs to be escaped when ATAP=2


Hopefully an easy question for someone to answer. [:)]

If I am building a Series 1 API Transmit request, and I have ATAP=2 configured on my sending (and receiving XBee’s), at what point in the datastream do I begin to ESCAPE characters?

I assume the Start Delimiter is excluded…but what about the LL bytes? What if they contain a special character?

Do I start immediately after the Start Delimiter (0x7e) byte, or after the LL bytes…or even further down the stream?

Also, I assume that the checksum doesn’t need to be ESCAPEd?

Thanks for your help.

Everything must be escaped - including the checksum.

I would never use AP=2 if the XBee is linked directly to a Micro by a few mm of trace. AP=2 is more for an Xbee 30 feet away by RS-232.

None of the Digi Xbee-enabled gateway products use AP=2.

Thanks for that Lynn. I hadn’t realised it was all about coping with ‘noise’ between the Micro and the XBee…now that I know that, I realise there’s no need for me to use ATAP=2 anyhow.