Why does XBee switch to AT mode despite API-Mode without escapes?


My XBee modules switch to AT mode when I send the escape sequence, although I am using API mode without escape sequences (ATER 1). If I understand correctly, that should only happen in the other two modes (ATER 0, ATER 2). What am I doing wrong?

I am using two XBee Pro 868 (XBP08-DP, hardware version 1D47) each on a USB dev board (xbib-u-dev), Firmware version 1061 MAC onlyMay 28 2010 09:38:14.

I also cannot get them to associate, but probably that is related to my problem.

Thank you.

I think you may need to look at this again. The ATER command is a Read only command.

RF errors
. Read the number of times a packet was
received which contained integrity errors of some
sort. When the value reaches 0xFFFF, it stays there.

If you mean by Escape sequence of issuing the +++ function to Enter AT command mode, that would be normal.

Sorry, that was just a typo. What I meant is ATAP (API Mode), of course. XCTU also confirms that API Mode is set to one, but still the escape sequences are recognized.

What escape sequence are you referring to?