What pin required to config 9xtend oem module using TTL?

I am not sure if this is the right place for my question,

I have OEM RF MODULE 9xTend 900 Mhz,

I want to connect it to XCTU Software for configuration,

I connect Vcc ,GND ,DI, DO,

What are other pins need to be connected?


You need to connect the Shut down pin as well. But you need to connect all of these via a level shiftier in order to connect them to a PC.

thanks for replay ,

sorry but what you mean by “a level shiftier” ?

A level shifter is a circuit that shifts the one voltage to another. In this case a 5V TTL to an RS232 level.

If you are not sure what one is, I would strongly urge you to purchase an XTIB-R interface board to mount the radio on and connect to your PC or other RS232 or 485 devices.

I connect the TTL VCC to the pin 2 VCC and to pin 7 shut down ,
Dose that fine ? Or it need specific voltage?

How I know that the module is ON ?

coz when I connect to XCTU It couldn’t find the module and I get the Action required dialog ,

That is not sufficient in order to connect the Xtend OEM module to the PC. YOU MUST connect it to a board such as the XTIB interface board that provides the proper voltages, currents and level shifters to keep from Damaging the 5V TTL level module.

Mvut ,

I know it is not sufficient way ,

but now I don’t have that board , and I couldn’t get it easily,

my friends do it without that board ,

Dose the laptop TTL output voltage good ?
what about if I use regulator 5 v ?

Laptops don’t output TTL levels. They output RS232 levels on the RS232 port. Now if you get a USB to TTL level cable, then you might be able to get something working.

thanks MVUT , It works for me using usb -to - TTL cable , I am able now to configure it …

thanks again .