How to connect XTEND-PKG-R to TTL

I have XTEND-PKG-R and I want to connect it to USB TTL

My connection is like this

PKG female RS‐232 (DB‐9) -------------- TTL pin out

pin2 (Rx) ---- To — > TTL (Tx)
pin3 (Tx) ---- To — > TTL (Rx)
pin5 (GND) — To — > TTL (GND)

power connector — To — > Power Adapter 12v.

DIP Switch settings is (1,5) ON and others OFF .

but I couldn’t connect to X-CUT software ,

Where is the problem ??

TTL and RS232 are different voltage levels.

Instead, open the PKG and slide out the XTIB-R wit the radio mounted on it. Then use the DI and DO test points to connect to your TTL to USB concerted with.

Just understand that RTS and DTR are also required to change or read firmware with XCTU.