What product do I have, and what is the replacement

I’ve been given a Jackrabbit development board Z-World, Inc from I’m guessing 2000, 2001 and tasked with buying more or getting current equivalents.

It is made up of two boards. The bottom board has 9 red leds, 5 momentary switches. It has 2 - 40 pin, 2mm pitch connectors interfacing with the daughter card, and 2 - 40 pin, .1" pitch connectors on the bottom of the board. Also has a 10 pin header for serial connection on the corner of the board.

The daughtercard has a battery installed and a Silicon Storage Technology 29EE010 1Mbit EEPROM.


What you have there is a BL1800 Jackrabbit board sitting on a BL1800 development/prototyping board.

Hope this helps!

Does the daughter board look similar to this? (The powers supply may look slightly different, but the components between the connector rows should be pretty similar. - The PSU part of the scheamtic was updated at some point, but is compatible.