What software can receive modem emulation mode connections from a Digi Connect ME?

In the “Digi Connect® Family Command Reference” it has a section “Common User Scenarios for Modem Emulation” on page 508. It shows the following diagram:

Connection diagram

There isn’t any further reference to this scenario.

What software would be running on the server to receive modem emulation connections?

Hi cybergibbons,

There are a couple of scenarios that this picture can cover.

Basically it depends what the application on the server can handle.

If the application can handle IP connections you can address the Digi Connect via a TCP connection and have the serial flow over that.

Alternatively if you are looking for a true serial emulator then you can install the RealPort software on the server and it will provide a COM port that allows you to emulate the connection as if the device was plugged in right there.


Thanks - so it can do raw TCP connections.

Digi ConnectPort devices can support TCP connections directly to the serial port. There are many different options you can have for this. A client can connect to the device over TCP or UDP. The device can create a connection to a server over TCP or UDP. In UDP mode it can also “broadcast” to mutliple servers.

Have a read through page 15,18,22-24 of this document.