How to bring port in the modem-emulation or pseudo-modem mode

Hello All,

I am new to Digi Connect ME
I am trying to work out AT commands over Serial Port on Digiconnect ME

How to take device in above mentioned mode
at commands can be answered
When a port is in the modem-emulation or pseudo-modem mode


I’ve moved your thread to a more appropriate forum for you to get an answer regarding this equipment.

Question: are you connecting an analog modem to your Connect ME, or connecting some serial device to it that normally talks to a modem (i.e. using the modem emulation of the ME). What version of firmware is in your ME?

Telnet into the device.
From prompt:
#> set pmodem port=1 state=on

I have my modem into psuedo modem state and I am getting AT command response from modem OK,
Now I have connected my modem to ethernet and I want to send data to another PC using ethernet, my Machine will be communicate with modem emulator using serial communication. I am not getting how exactly send and receive data from another PC and where I will receive data.