What works with Cellular?

So far I have been able to use these PLC with their respective PLC programming tools:

  1. MicroLogix and SLC5
  2. ControlLogix
  3. GE/Fanuc VersaMAX and Machine Edition
  4. SE Twido
  5. S7-200 with CP243 module
  6. S7-xxx with the Siemens RS-232 to PPI/MPI converters

What settings do you have - I can’t even get the unit to respond to pings wrom the out side. I can get out etc…
So I thought I’d configured the WAN 1A to allow ping
Do I have to set up port forwarding for ping to work?
I am planning on using this device with AB and Siemens S7-200/CP243
If I get the ethernet working remotely I may progress to using the serial port…

First, make sure your ISP even allows PING - I think Sprint (for example) blocks PING and HTTP going to mobile devices. Thus PING would never work. By default, the Digi Connect WAN IA will answer pings.

However, be aware that some older Windows (2K?) default to a short timeout so they may give up too fast. Check help to slow down ping - off the top of my head I think it is “-w 10000” option to slow ping down to wait 10 seconds for a response. It is not uncommon for the first PING response to take from 2500 to 5500 msec to return, but then the following ones will be faster.