What's an action in NET+OS 6.3 when IP/TOS field has the value in b0000_1000 ?

Just asking the action of NET+OS 6.3.

If the device receives IP packet with TOS=b0000_1000 value, what does NET+OS6.3 perform ?

If NET+OS6.3 doesn’t supprt DiffSrv, the packet will be generated with RST packet to close the transaction ?

Or if NET+OS6.3 supports DiffSrv, the valid packet will be generated and transmitted to continue the transaction ?

Which source file will do this action in NET+OS6.3 ?

Netos 6.3 is very old and using outdated Fusion TCP stack. It has been out of support for many years. You may try to check with Fusion who developed the stack.

Would you please let me know the contact point in FUSION who developed the stack ? I’ll contact and talk about this.