Whats this weird request from HA motion detector with no data

Just bought a Xbee S2C SMD that I would like to use to get signals from a motion detector. So far I’ve been able to join the sensor to the Zigbee network, but it’s not indicating any motion. The only signal I’m getting is this “7E 00 1B 91 00 50 43 C9 A3 36 3D 4C B0 BD 00 00 00 06 00 00 42 09 FD FF 04 01 00 01 00 05 EB” which it sends at the beginning after joining. Please help

You need to decipher this data using the Zigbee HA profile documentation from Zigbee.org

09 FD FF 04 01 00 01 00 05
Cluster ID 00 06
Profile ID 00 00
Endpoint 00

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Thanks mvut. After digging into the ZDO literature finally got a sense of the message. Zigbee.org documents were a bit too long, so used this instead “Supporting ZDOs with the XBee API” at http://ftp1.digi.com/support/images/APP_NOTE_XBee_ZigBee_Device_Profile.pdf which details enough to get started.