When you discover devices and organize them into a list.. is it indeed random or am I cray?

When I dicover network and store network devices by their name into a list like so…
xnet = local_device.get_network()
remote_list = xnet.discover_devices([“ROUTER_00”, “ROUTER_01”])

and then set a particular xbee’s pin high or low like so …

def a_0_on():

remote_list["ROUTER_00"].set_dio_value(IOLine.DIO0_AD0, IOValue.HIGH)

def a_0_off():

remote_list["ROUTER_00"].set_dio_value(IOLine.DIO0_AD0, IOValue.LOW)

… then I put these functions into GUI button clicks…

anyways! I am getting different results per program Run… sometimes my ROUTER_00 module is firing the particular pin ON/OFF… other times the other module “ROUTER_01” is performing the action instead. Not cool. They have specific names for a reason lol. Why is this happening? When I discover the devices into the list, is it randomly locating them. So when I reference a specific location in the list i.e. remote_list[0]… I suppose what resides in location [0] is not going to be consistent with the order I originally intended i.e. remote_list = xnet.discover_devices([“ROUTER_00”, “ROUTER_01”])

straighten out my understanding of this if ya could,

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Its random and has been done for a purpose. During node discovery, random back-off time is used by each responding Router to avoid all of them responding at once which otherwise could result in data collision.

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