Wher can I find examples of the USB host as part if the Rabbit 6000/RCM6700

Where can I find information of activating and interfacing to the USB host contained in the Rabbit 6000 processor. I notice that the Functions for USB Host access are now in Dynamic C 10.6x+

I need some example schematics and source code.


–>I notice that the Functions for USB Host access are now in Dynamic C 10.6x+? Where did you notice usb host functions?

To the best of my knowledge, The RCM6700 does not have the USB host functionality.

Thank you.

The Rabbit 6000 has a USB host interface on Network Port D. When doing a ctrl-H you see a whole list of USB functions.

these are in USBHOSTAPI.LIB

type the function usb_host_init() or usb_host_start() in Dynamic C and put your cursor, over them then press ctrl-H. This is how Dynamic C brings up its context sensitive function call help.

An example:


SYNTAX: int usb_host_init(unsigned int devicePowerStableDelay,
unsigned long reservedParam, int * errorCode);
This routine is called to initialize the USB host controller library. This
initializes the host controller and starts a thread to handle USB requests.

PARAMETER1: DevicePowerStableDelay - After a device is connected to the
root hub, the USB host stack internal thread waits the specified number
of milliseconds before driving the bus to allow a bus powered device to
be power stable. The minimum delay is 100 milliseconds and the maximum
delay is 2000 milliseconds.

Reserved. Set to zero

0 - success
-1 - failure

The Rabbit 6000 is pregnant with USB and ready to go, just need some more information to get it on.

The RCM6700 does not bring out the pins of hook up the 48mhz crystal. But all is ready. The reference is on the schematic (Sheet 8/9)

My post was to ask where i can get the information to continue. They have to have some board or dev kit that brings this out. The LIB is too detailed to have not tested it.

If they planned on us implementing their rabbit chips on boards then they wouldn’t have made all these complex RCM modules. Gotta be one with USB on it.

Help DIGI Rabbit folks!!

Hello,Thanks you for the info. I did not find any where in the documentation Regarding this USB host functionlaity detailed explanation. I suggest that contact digi technical support at the mail ID tech.support@digi.com, sure you will get reply about this.