where can I find the updated firmware for xbee2 (PN: 300009582-02 REV A)?

I tried to download new version of xbee2 through the web in x-ctu. But the connection to the web sever is always failed.
I would like to find the zip file for firmware update. I found that This Digi provides the firmware file, but i cannot find my xbee PN exactly corresponding to the product list.


The firmware of the XBee S2 modules starts with 82xxxxxxx, refer this link, http://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=3430&type=firmware

Are you using latest X-CTU?
Here is the link for latest X-CTU software, http://ftp1.digi.com/support/utilities/40003002_C.exe

Still if you are having problems with the WEB, download the required Zip file from the Digi website and got o modem configuration tab in X-CTU, click “Download New Versions” and select File as the option, browse to the file.

For the problems in downloading new versions from web, you need to contact digi technical folks, create an onlone support request at the following link, http://www.digi.com/login?ReturnUrl=%2Fsupport%2Feservice%2F