Where is the configuration saved ? Is it in eeprom ?


When purchasing a new xbee, is it configured to use “transparent mode” by default (or “api mode” or escape mode") ?

I see in datasheet:
1 - 2
1 = API-enabled
2 = API-enabled
(w/escaped control
1 - default
What is the difference between 1-2 ? Does it mean that “AP mode” is the default (and not “Transparent mode”) ?

I also didn’t find a command which shows which mode is the current mode. I mean, I expected to see a parameter which has options for both “at mode”, “API mode” “API escape”, but I didn’t find.

Where is this default mode being saved ? Is it part of the firmware ? When I change the mode, and save it, does it mean that next time, it will read the new default value ?

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