non-volatile memory


We plan to use units of xbee as point-to-point (wired).
I would like to ask some questions:

  1. Is it that two connected device can work out-of-the-box in transparent mode, or do they need to be configured first. for example I see that default address for source and destination is the same (0x8e). does it mean they don’t need any at-command configuration and start working directly in transparent mode ?

  2. Which parameter is showing the default communication mode (between AT(transparent), API, and API escape). I did not find such parameter in the list in datasheet.

  3. where is the non-volatile memory in which the parameters (configuration) are saved ? Is it the same as firmware ? I mean is the configuration saved togethere with firmware ?

  4. Is it possible to purchase product with our custom parameters (different then default parameters) ?

Thanks you,