API mode AT command packet type 08 and 09


I am writing some code to send API packets. I can send API packets types 08 and 09 and my zigbee replies to them correctly. So I can query parameters.

Problem: Setting parameters
I am trying to change parameters like NJ or BD etc. The problem is they don’t actually change. I run my code to change parameters and then read all values in XCTU but notice that they haven’t changed.

I also added an apply changes (AC) command but still no result. Now I also added a write (WR) which writes these parameters too non-volatile memory for persitency and then it finally works (in XCTU for the moment but will check my own program later).

My question is, is it necessary to always do a WR command? And how often can I do a WR since writing to non-volatile memory is limited. How many writes can we expect? I am often going to change setting of nodes but I could rely on them being powered all the time so this write is not needed. But even for development, how often can I do this ?