Where to find a better setup guide.

I have read both the “Category: Get Started Basic XBee ZB ZigBee (Series 2) Chat” and “Configuring XBee Radios with X-CTU” guides at http://examples.digi.com/category/get-started/ Both seem somewhat out of date and the first one does not work for me. Also in the first one it has a link(the second guide) “Start with the XBee ZigBee Coordinator AT radio you configured (read more about how to do that here) and mark it with an “A.”” That has nothing about how to set an ZBee into “Coordinator AT” mode. When I do the first guide it still doesn’t work. I am cross posting to adafruit because they are often very speedy in their responses. https://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=85236&p=429643#p429643

Check this one out: