Where to find digicli and termios

Just getting started on this forum, where do you find these so I can import using python ?

Both of these modules are built-in extension modules to the Python interpreter itself. You should not need any additional files to import these modules on Digi products.

I understand the modules are in the digi device, but what if I want to use the module for a program outside the module ? I’m using python to query the Xbee from outside.

If by “a program outside the module” you mean query XBee from a PC, then you still cannot find them.

The digicli would not apply on a PC, as there is no Digi CLI running on a PC> You COULD simulate it with your own routine using telnet (so telnetlib).

The termios file would only be relevent (I believe) on a UNIX/Linux system.

If you really want to create a ‘dual-run’ program which works on the Digi CPX or a PC, then you need to use if-then-else code. I have done this - create an is_digi variable, then create a simple serial abstraction which reads/writes via the correct method based on platform (so in other words, it is NOT trivial to do, but can be done)

if sys.platform.startswith(‘digi’):
# is digi, use os.read/write
is_digi = True
import os

# else use pyserial on PC
is_digi = False
import serial32win