programming xbee modules


is it possible to run programs on the individual modules ? So far my python scripts are running on the gateway. I would like to put more “logic” into the sensor / modules.

for example a sample conversation…
Gateway :
sends “hey modules, give me a list of your direct neighbors incl. rssi”

sends “hey gateway, here you are : (module1,40), (module2,50) , (gateway,25)”

sends “hey gateway, here you are (…)”

Maybe I am blind, but so far I did not find any hint or tutorial concerning running programs on the modules. Any hint or link is appreciated !

thanks in advance, chik3n

Currently it is not possible to run actual programs on the xbee modules themselves. Perhaps with a co-processor or SBC this might be possible, but it would be a solution you’d need to create.

The built-in python is a benefit of the ConnectPort X line, in that you can run the python script on the gateway to pre-process information from your wireless PAN before sending it across IP via the Gateway.


thanks for the response. If I won’t go down the python road, do I have a chance to program the modules with say c or assm ? I found a document under :

Is there anything supported by digi ? Am I stuck with “dumb” modules ?

any hints are appreciated.

cheers, chik3n

The main reason Digi does not allow a customer to ‘touch’ the XBee firmware (other than blowing it away and loading your own 100% replacement) is there is no amount of RAM/flash which Digi can promise that a customer can use in the future. The XBee firmware is ALWAYS using as much as it can & wishing for more.

Yet, the Product Manager for the XBee asked me to relay this:
" … Digi is about to press release just this kind of XBee module, where there is a section of user-programmable application code space (safely and securely separate from our RF code). Look for the press release next week. Development kits will be available late March."

So you should provide your contact info to your local sales rep and have it CC’d to Jared Hofhiens so Digi can get you on a contact list.


thanks for the answer. I will contact my sales rep. .

cheers, chik3n