Which platform to choose when creating docker container for ccimx6ulsbc pro. ccimx6ulsbc? dey-3.0-r3

When I execute the following command:
docker run -it --name dey-3.0-container --volume ~/digi-docker-workspace:/home/dey/workspace digiembedded/dey:dey-3.0-r3

I get the following supported platforms:
ccimx6qpsbc, ccimx6sbc, ccimx6ulsbc, ccimx6ulstarter, ccimx8mn-dvk, ccimx8x-sbc-express, and ccimx8x-spc-pro

Which one should I choose for a ccimx6ul sbc pro board?

I assume ‘ccimx6ulsbc’ but this is my first time doing this so I wanted to make sure I am following the correct process.

select ccimx6ulsbc

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ccimx6ulsbc is best for me.