Why am I getting RCM2200 SRam file NoSpace error?

I am using RCM2200 board; DCRabbit ver 9.62

I try to set up an event log.

  1. My SRAM initialisation was done with
    #define FX_MAX_FILES 3
    #define FS2_USE_PROGRAM_FLASH 0
    // …LIB\BIOSLIB\memconfig.lib: #define FS2_RAM_RESERVE 2

  2. My 3 sram files are:
    27bytes x 140records for userinfo = 3,780bytes
    4bytes x 10000 records for event log = 40.000bytes
    1byte for dev_address = 1byte

  3. If I were to put a simple loop to save 10000 records in LOG, there is no errors.

  4. If I were to run my s/w and do actual log, it gives NoSpc error at record 9801.

Q1) Why is it that when the file is already created will 10000 records, overwriting 1 record inside can cause NoSpc error.

Q2) How to calculate the max number of records before the space runs out.

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What is the exact error message?

No compling errors;

b = fopen_wr(&file, 2); // b returns negative value;
if(b!=0 && errno == NOSPC) printf("
NoSpace Error"); // Program branch to here on and after 9801th log.

Hello, I’m having the same error.

My system is RCM3400 based and I’m with DC 9.21.

I’m using two files:
File1: 1000bytes
File2: 122700bytes

Based on the filesize formula calculations:
Bytes = (Nbr_of_filesfile_size1.14 ) + (Nbr_of_files128) + (2128)
I need 141530bytes of space which is less than the 200kB RAM limit.

I’m using these settings
#define FS2_RAM_RESERVE 40

With that space I have 160k, enough to hold the files.

I’m also using ENABLE_ERROR_LOGGING with 68 entries. (logsize=>4096B=>1block of memory)

I’m having the same issue as soonki, when I made a loop to fill up the file, everything goes ok, but in my regular code a nospc error is arisen at 80kB.

Any ideas for debugging?
What else can be consuming RAM? Additional settings I missed?