Why am I only getting 1.3V on my DO pins on Xbee S1?

What is the full part number of the module you are using?

How do you have it connected?

What line or pin are you only seeing 1.3V on?

What value is the command associated with that pin set to?

XBee 1mW U.FL Connection - Series 1 (802.15.4)
I’m using pin 11, 15, 17-20.
I have pins set to DO (low).

When activated on transmitter, the receiver outputs only 1.1-1.3v. When the system was working, I had tested and did see that it was outputting 3.3v.

If you mount the module on an XBIB board and set the Pins in question to DO High, what voltage level do they read?

I am still battling this issue. I have ordered second radio thinking that it may be a radio issue. I set the second radio up using save profile from when the system was working. Once again, when voltage is supplied to transmitter; the reciever then goes from 0.0V to 1.1-1.3V on all 6 DIO pins. Any ideas?