Why do I keep getting disconnected from my DigiCM port connections?

I used my DigiCM as a console server, so I can connect to various servers which we’ve attached to our ports. I can connect to these servers just fine and do what I need to do on them, but sometimes it just drops my connection for no apparent reason. Is this a bug?


Hi there!

You’ll be happy to know this isn’t a bug :slight_smile: What you’re seeing is the result of an admin-configurable feature known as “Inactivity Timer”, and that its working as intended.

Each port has a parameter known as “Inactivity Timer” which has a valid range of 0-3600 seconds (100 seconds being the default). With the default setting, if there is no activity over the port for 100 seconds, the port will close. And yes, closing the port will have the effect of dropping your connection.

This feature is in place to ensure that improperly closed connections to the ports of the CM do not stay open indefinitely, thereby preventing other users from being able to access it. We feel this is a very beneficial feature!

If you would like to disable this feature, an administrator can go into the port settings and set the Inactivity Timer to 0 (disable).