Why do my data streams always become inaccessible?

Hi all,

We have a ConnectPort X2e SE gateway sending energy information to the Digi Device Cloud, but after about 5 days, the data becomes inaccessible, and nothing new is added.

Specifically, we are looking at the 0x702 cluster, and 0x400 attribute. (But also, the 0x0 and 0x1 attributes as well.) We download this data from the Device Cloud to our local servers to process energy usage.

We tried to switch the stream expiration, but that does not seem to help. (We are now switching it to one single day before it expires, hoping that might work?)

First question – and also most important – how can we access our gateway’s data streams without using Digi Device Cloud? Our database server is located about 2 feet away from the ConnectPort, so it would be wonderful if we could totally avoid having to send data to the cloud and then download it back again.

Second, regarding the Device Cloud, why is it that new data becomes inaccessible after a while? We have huge gaps in our local data because of this, and the fact that we have to use the Digi Device Cloud instead of having direct API access to the ConnectPort itself wastes a lot of our time and data.

The ConnectPort is exactly what we were looking for. Other SE gateway devices that we have tested are thoroughly unreliable and some would even be completely unavailable for the majority of the day. However, all other devices had direct access to the unit itself.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hello, Directly contact Digi Technical Support at the below mail ID, they can help you.

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Much thanks! Will send a note over to them now.

I might be able to help you with redirecting data but too complicated to cover here. You can contact me at the email address on my profile if you’d like to talk directly.