Why is LTH sensor data being clipped?

I have several sensors connected to a ConnectportX4 which is connected to the device cloud for data logging. The sensors are Digi Xbee LTH sensors and the humidity portion of the data is being clipped at random values in every sensor. For calibration purposes, I set all sensors in the same location and calibrated them with a known accurate humidity sensor. Once charts and plots are generated from the data it becomes very apparent that this is happening. This is happening to all sensors (like I said at completely random values) and it is only happening to the humidity portion of the data.

I cannot seem to post screen clippings of my graphs in the forum but if you are interested in seeing them I could email them to you.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Thanks for the help.

No I have not see this before. Can you send the RAW API frames you are receiving?

Im confused as to what you mean by the RAW API frames.

What I mean is the API data that is coming out the UART of the radio on the gateway. You need to use the Show XBee command to view that data.


I apologize, I do not know how to do this. My setup is through the device cloud and I am currently just exporting raw data from the through http requests in 1000 sample data sets and analyzing myself.