Why is rom.bin flashing required?

I have a connectem board with no JTAG interface.
When boot up,the ftp server is started.

In my application,i have modified the bsp to change the initial flow of bsp.

Now i build the bsp and my application.

Is it required to flash the rom.bin which is present in the bsp/bootloader/romimage folder also?? along with image.bin??


only when flash sector is erased or when flash gets corrupted,the rom.bin has to be flashed??

Hoping for a reply.


Whether or not one has to upload a replacement boot loader image (rom.bin) depends on what BSP changes have been made.

Here are a coupld of examples of instances where a new boot would need to be uploaded:

  • The intial state of the GPIO have been made, e.g. modifications to gpio.h and/or gpio_mux.h
  • Changes have been made the devBoardParamsType struct, e.g. boardParams.[ch]

Essentially, a change to any file used in the creation of the rom.bin image will in turn mean a new image should be loaded. Strt by looking at src/bsp/Makefile.bootloader, and the subsequently included files, to best determine whether you should upload a new image.


i was looking for info on uploading my app to a fresh ME no jtag module (not EM like you).
i’m not still so sure about how to update firmware.
considering that
netosprog /discover
doesn’t find anything
but the
arp -s
in some way found the dhcp assigned ip (that is not also printed in the serial output of the default connectme-c firmware).

about your question… yes i think(not sure) that you need to upload
(in \src\bsp\platforms\connectme) (or connectem depending on your platform)
(in your app 32b folder)
the first is the bootloader of OS and you need it as long as the defualt connectme (don’t know em) ships with the 6.0 version and not 6.3

hope this is going to help you. let me know how it goes!

i reply myself as long as i don’t want no one to blame me… NO YUO DON’T HAVE TO UPLOAD rom.bin, at least considering what they say in this post: http://www.digi.com/support/forum/viewthread_thread,1569#5756

Thanks for the info.
I think i have modified some files which are used in the creation of rom.bin image.

One more question…
Reading a few posts on uploading the .bin files… i came to know that first we have to upload the rom.bin file,then reboot it and then upload the image.bin file.

Please let me know if my understanding is fine.
Thanks for any help.


as i told in my last post i was going to update firmware on the jtag less digi connectME-C.
i did and the module seams to be dead!
it starts and get the ip address from the dhcp. then it loads the image, sends some data to the serial port and then it stops working. it doesn’t respond respond to ftp or telnet as it should be supposed to do.
i tried the tftp procedure suggested in the forum but it has been useless as long as the image sould be uploaded fine and this metod doesn’t work if the image is valid (at least this is what i read in the forum).
also the diagnostic mode doesn’t seems to work at all.

i managed to restore the naftpapp to the connectME-C !!! with the help of one of our engineer.
i installed this software (dhcp + tftp server)
and configured the dhcp with fields
66 tftp server ip
67 image.bin
as described here:
and also the tftp with a directory where i placed the naftpapp image.

then we touched the P5 pins… i really don’t know what kind of combination… but in the end the device after a reset it connected to the dhcp and get the ip and then it downloaded the image.bin file.
and eureka!!! the com1 output the naftp startup.
i hope this can help some other people!