How to update the flash

I have a connectem module with no jtag. And the connection lost when I send my application. So the board can’t start with ftp server. And I can’t put the image.bin to the flash. anyone can give me an idea? thanks

If the firmware upload failed, so as the image programmed into flash now fails the boot loader’s CRC check, the boot loader will attempt to acquire TCP addressing via DHCP. Along with the standard DHCP offer the boot loader will be looking for DHCP options providing a TFTP server address and filename. The filename is expected to be a firmware (image.bin) file that can be retrieved, validated, programmed into flash and executed.

The following kbase article provides further detailed instructions on this process.


I have done just as the step.
First I start DHCP server with options 66 and options 67
next start tftp server.
and put image.bin to the root directory of tftp
Connect the EM module to the PC directly with one line
The EM module was started. But no image has been uploaded.

What is wrong?


I have set the IP address before I fail to upload file. So I think that the module has a static address and Can it also get boot file?