Replacing bad image (and plea for return of diagnostic mode)

I have a couple of the new Connect ME CF/W JTAG devices, and I have had enough headaches trying to recover them after something happens to the image in the flash. Recently I have also received several of Connect ME “S” (instead of “C” – wrong order) that I tried to change and upload the binary image file of our application (compiled on the “F” version of NetOS).

Whenever I try replacing the f/w from the admin html screen, I get:

“Unable to update firmware: Invalid image header”

I decided to replace the “E” firmware with “B” version, and got the same answer. But the “B” firmware has the TFTP client in the diagnostics mode, so then I jumpered pin 18 (MFGI) to GND, and did the following (ftpapp.bin is compiled under NetOS 6.0f):

-------------------------- TFTP Related Options --------------------------

  1. Show current TFTP settings. 2) Enter TFTP settings.
  2. Get file from TFTP server.

Enter choice (ESC to exit-TFTP Related Options)[123] :2

Enter TFTP filename [ftpapp.bin]: ftpapp.bin

Enter IP address [..84.34]:
Enter network mask []:
Enter network gateway [..84.1]:
Enter network TFTP server [..84.232]:

Enter choice (ESC to exit-TFTP Related Options)[123] :3

Working, please wait …
TFTP() returned Success: 313258 bytes

Enter choice (ESC to exit-TFTP Related Options)[123] :

---------------------------- Diagnostic Tests ----------------------------

t) ->TFTP related choices. h) ->Hardware tests.
m) Quick memory test (seconds). M) Long memory test (minutes).
V) Show VPD data. 1) Erase NVRAM from flash.
2) Erase the BOOTPARM from flash. 3) Erase the OS from flash.
4) Put TFTP’d OS file into flash. 5) Run OS.

Enter choice (ESC to exit-Diagnostic Tests)[thmMV12345] :4

Loaded Image is Invalid!
So basically, I see no way to replace the firmware on the “S” types so far. I can only try to return them in exchange for the custom ones. Please post if you have any ideas how to circumvent this problem.

I also want to plea for the return of the diagnostics option on “C” type. It was an only option to fix ME after something happened to the image. We are planning to have our technicians upload the f/w to the devices, and I know I’ll soon end-up with bag full of mishaps. If Digi cannot return the diagnostics mode for all custom devices, can someone please at least show me how can I implement something similar on our devices? I think I read somewhere in these forums that Erick (egawtry) made something like the diagnostics mode, but I cannot find the article. I also don’t have much time to spend hacking this device, though I want to know more about it – projects have their deadlines.

Hear, Hear!

Supposedly the -S version is the continued part with the bootstrap. Digi sent me the -C part when I updated (though I asked for a -S) and I haven’t had a chance to test it yet.

I did write, but not test or finish, some bootstrap code, but it still is conditional upon the FLASH load working. It only protects from any program glitches after the boot. (It is essentially a hook in the BSP before the main program is called.) Since I just got the -C modules I haven’t tested it yet. It doesn’t help that the ME socket on my test board bit the dust (bad design there too!) so I can’t use a JTAG module.
I hate to say it, but I have been seriously researching alternatives to the ME part. I have invested well over a thousand man-hours (6 months of 16 hour days) in ME development that will probably have to be trashed.

Digi really messed up with these changes. Some executive is probably getting a bonus out of it though. sigh Digi used to be a good company that has now gone corporate and has lost touch with the end users.



can anyone tell me where I can download this TFTP Tool??
I searched the internet but i didn’t find anything like this! Thx for information!


You all do realize that you are provided the source code to the boot loader and can therefore put together your own diagnostics mode. Granted this means that you would have to actually perform some development.

As an aside, posting your plea on this forum will not help influence the decisions made by Digi’s management. Have you not read the statement at the head of the forums saying that this is not the place to request support.

If you need answers on an issue are want to voice your opinion, call or e-mail Digi directly. Or simply get off your lazy butt and correct the problem yourself.

This all I have to say…

About a tftp tool :
I use the SolarWinds tftp server…
Available for free from

Thx for your “very interesting and helpful” comment - short information - I’m in contact with Digi since 2 weeks but thanks - if you wouldn’t have written this then I’d have never come to this :)!

The best wishes gg


Dhinman, I entered the plea since the same code does not exist on the PnP modules also. As for the custom, I know I can develop myself – the problem is why spend time and money, when an implementation was already there and we accepted the method and trained our people to it.
So the issue is not being lazy, but cost. I would also appreciate if you keep your critique about my working habits out of this forum.

As for your question Cyberice, I used WinAgents Software, TFTP Service for Windows, HTTP://WWW.WINAGENTS.COM.