Loaded Image is Invalid ?


I’ve just begun working with the Digi Connect ME, and I’m trying to upload an image built from the example directory.

I’m using NetOS 6.0e GNU Tools, and I’ve compiled the naftpapp image following the exact steps from the guide “Building and Debugging a sample application”. I used PLATFORM=connectme. I don’t have the JTAG connector yet so I tried to upload the image through TFTP.

The transfert seems to go OK (file image.bin) :
Working, please wait …
TFTP() returned Success: 303625 bytes

However I got the following error when I tried to write the image to flash :
Loaded Image is Invalid!

I tried to upload a new firmware (revision F1), and it worked so the problem is probably in my image, what did I do wrong, or what could I have forgotten ?