Why my xbee Pro freeze after a relatively long time(1 hour)?

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I use Xbee pro in transparent mode just to replace RS-232 wire. Not too much data-transmission is involved. I only use Pin 1:VCC, Pin 2 DOUT, PIN3 DIN, Pin 9 sleep control (set to low level) and Pin 10 GND.

The programme runs well in about one hour, and may freeze some time. And when the freezing happens, I can see a low frequency square waveform from Pin 9.

Could someone tell me what’s wrong and how to solve the issue? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Which XBee module and firmware are you using?

What voltage level does your device run at?

Are you connecting the radio direct or via a level shifter?

What settings have been changed on the radios from their default state?

Hi Mvut,
Thank you very much for your answer. Sorry for not making it clear.

  1. the device is Xbee pro 51(That is what I see on the device, I don’t know if I answered this question);
    2)The power supply of the MPU circuit and XBEE is 3.3V; no level converter is employed.
  2. I used a configuration file which was made by someone before me. How can I send you this configuration file?

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You can just post the profile. From the sounds of it, you may just be starving the module for power. How much current are you allowing the module to draw?

The power supply can offer 800mA current. The MPU and other circuit take far less than 100mA. I think 700mA current is more than enough.

The configuration file looks like this in Notepad:

Many thanks.

I would suggest three things. First, unless you are using Routers to extend the range, I would suggest installing the XBee 802.15.4 firmware on the modules (XBP24). Next, I would make sure that you are employing level shifters between your RS232 device and the 3V XBee. Third, I would suggest not using Pin sleep without using hardware flow control.