Xbee freezes


I am building and programming a quadcopter with a friend of mine, everything is going fine (we are flying), but we have one major problem.
The Xbee freezes, it seems to be a hardware problem since one Xbee is transmitting (LED’s are blinking) but the other Xbee isn’t receiving (LED’s are not blinking).
The freezes happen at random moments, before lifting up, in mid air.
The only thing that ‘fixes’ this is resetting the Arduino, which properly also resets the Xbee.

We are really have no idea what could cause this problem, and how to solve it.

I hope you guys can help us out.


(PS: don’t be afraid of getting to technical, we both know quite allot about electronics)

Which XBee modules are you using?
Have you tried taking the modules out of the picture and just wiring it up to see if you have the same issue?
What baud rate are you running at?
Are you using API mode or transparent mode?

sorry for my late responce, but i coulnt acces the xbee for a while.


  • xbee pro s1
  • yes, we tried it without the xbee, it worked perfect.
  • We use 57600 BAUD
  • the default, transparent mode

Try using two stop bits or a lower baud rate.

I will try that.