Why so many XBee:XBee Pro 802.15.4 ver. 1xEF Firmware

Why so many XBee:XBee Pro 802.15.4 ver. 1xEF Firmware versions?
Which one should I use and why?

At one time, we offered several different packaging for the XBee 802.15.4 modules that had specific firmware requirements for the hardware to work properly.

In general, unless you are using one of the DIO/ AIO, RS232, RS485 or USB boxed products from Digi, you are going to use the the standard XBee 802.15.4 version 10EF.


Firmware version 10EF was the last version released for the XBee 802.15.4 module before it went EOL after ten plus years. The different versions over the years offered bug fixes as well as added features. If you are using an OEM module, then you really should be using the 10EF version. It will give you the best performance for the product.

The different function set’s and related versions for these function sets has to do with the different options that product was released under at one time. For example, the DIO adapter firmware options are for the specific Digi XBee DIO adapter product. Just like some of the other options, there are different lines or Pins used for different features. It is important that you make sure you only select these function sets if you have that Specific product form Digi.