XCTU offereing 2 choices for XBee Pro 802.15.4 USB Adapter Firmware

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Which XBEE PRO 802.15.4 USB ADAPTER is the
XBEE PRO 802.15.4 USB ADAPTER in the XCTU Update Firmware dialog box Function set list?
The two listed there:
have different choices for Firmware versions

The highest current version of firmware that has been released is 10ED. Use the version that provides you with this version of code.

OK I see that version when I choose the the Function set of:
XBEE PRO 802.15.4
So what are function sets
XBEE PRO 802.15.4 USB ADAPTER (latest v. 14e8)
XBEE PRO 802.15.4-USB ADAPTER (latest v. 14ed)
Rather confusing as I’m trying to update my USB ADAPTER!!!

Looks like you have the files duplicated on your PC so either one will work.

Rather as this list is populated by XCTU automatically it looks like Digi has duplicated devices on their Function set list with different firmware versions attached to each duplicate. This is true of the other devices in the list also. They need to correct their list.

If you remove the Update folder from the( C:\program files (x86)\Digi\XCTU\update ) folder and use the Download new versions option, that should resolve the issue.

Nope. It’s all there in the latest update list.
Boy would I love to post a screenshot.

What version of XCTU are you working with?

XCTU is at v 6.1.1

Try going to C:\program files (x86)\Digi\XCTU-NG\radio_firmwares and del the two XBee folders you have. Then download the updates again.

Thanks, but that’s what I did before making the comment above about it being in the latest list.