windows server does not boot up with configured connection when AnywhereUSB is unreachable

I have a problem with driver installed on windows server 2012.
When I try to connect to AnywhereUSB/14 with group, which is used by other PC on unconfigured, the windows fall down with blue screen :frowning:
So I configured connection correctly and all work ok. But when I try to reboot windows without network connection or AUSB is unreachable, the windows does not boot :frowning:
What is wrong?
I can not boot up important windows server with configured connection to AUSB/14 when AUSB is unreachable .

the driver and AUSB Remote Hub Configuretion utilite version is 3.60.60

I detected that widows crashed when problem with connection to AUSB.
Windows crashed with error “PAGE_FAULT_IN_NOPAGE_AREA vnetflt.sys”

when I uninstall wmware tools the widows does not crash with blue screen.

How can I use real port usb driver and vmware tools together?