Wireless Network Type


1/i have a Digi Connect Wi-EM, and i use the Ad Hoc mode on it to drive a device with a PDA.

There are two Ad Hoc modes and i wondered what was the differences between these.

I attached a picture for you to see of what i am talking about.

I usually use the 1 which is ‘Ad Hoc (join or create)’ but should i better use the 2 which is ‘Ad Hoc (join only)’ ?

2/ What channel should i better use ? I saw arround here, a lot of networks are on channel 11, should i better use another, if yes which one ?

Many thanks.
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I saw when i used the ‘Ad Hoc (join only)’, that it was not really the good way to do what i want to do.
Because, in deed, i need to create a network from the modules to login with my PDA.

For the channels, it seems that some channels are more or less implicated, because it seems to work better with a channel and not with another one ?

Do you have any suggestion or explication/solution for that ?

Many thanks.
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