WR31 and using openvpn

I have a customer having problem using WR31 (450 Mhz) and openvpn. Is there any known problem using openvpn and Digi WR31?


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We are not aware of any issues using OpenVPN and our TransPort routers, assuming using the latest firmware version.
You can see our latest application notes on how to use OpenVPN and our routers here: https://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=5610&type=documentation

For any further assistance on this topic, please contact our Technical Support team at tech.support@digi.com .

Digi Base Support is available for products under warranty and includes email support and a 24 hour response time for issues with device configurations, upgrades, etc. For additional details on our Support Services, visit : https://www.digi.com/support

Thank you


Digi Technical Support