Write error on breakpoints

Dear all, I have a big problem. I can not get my ns7520 to run a program. I’m using 8mb sram(sc1) and 16mb of flash(sc0) When I put a program (with the raven) in to the SRAM it will give 2 errors exactly at the place (addresses) of the breakpoints. If I leaf the breakpoint out of the program the program is also not running (or running incorrectly) Also if we start the board the registers are not 00 and this is absolutely the case with the experiment board of net silicon it self. Could somebody help me? Kind regards, Joost

Forgot to put in here is the boot setup. PLLTST, BISTEN, SCANEN are al connected to the 3,3V (with a resistor) And only a pull down resistor is used on address line 23. We use a 55 MHz oscillator. We now are going to place the resistor on address line 24 and hope this will salve it.

Problem has been found and solved. Now no problem.