writeUserBlock call now failing

Hi All,

I have an existing application running on an RCM4010, using the latest Dynamic C. There is some code which stores some config. params to Flash using writeUserBlock. This used to work fine. I’ve since added some more fields to the config. stored, now writeUserBlock is returning -3 indicating an error, and I see corruption in the data stored.

What could be going on here?!?


I solved the problem, if I was writing an odd number of bytes the flash write call failed, fine with an even number of bytes. Why couldn’t the docs have mentioned this?? :frowning:

Is writeuserblock necessary for the application,if there is some codes which stores some config. params to Flash?My board is RCM2200.

When i don’t download writeuserblock.c,it seems everything is OK.But there is 1% of products lost configration parameters after several tests.This condition seldom happened before. I got confused.

Is writeuserblock necessary for all the applications??


My understanding is that the writeuserblock function is the preferred way to store config. variables that need to be stored in non volatile memory. You should not need to include writeuserblock.c.

I believe you are right, rabbitbios.c should have a defaut setting.

thanks very much.