Wrong modem type

Hi, I’m using XBEE to link some digital output wireless. It’works great. Unfourtuanly one of my modules have crashed (becase a failure in the power supply). I have now purchesed a new one, but when I soulde download my profile to it, it fails with “checksum error”.
I have notised that the new module is by default configured to XB24-B, and my old ones is XB24.
I have tried to check the update firmware button when downloading the profile, but I still get teh same error.

Can anyone help??

Is it impossible to change “modem type”?
Have I got the wrong type of Xbee??

Best regards

Hi OlaE,

previously you was using Series 1 XBee module and IEEE802.15.4 protocol. Now you have purchased XB24-B which is Series 2 Module, and capable to work on ZNet 2.5 and ZB stacks. Most preferable to upgrade the firmware with ZB stack by selecting modem type XB24-ZB in the X-CTU software. There for you need to go through the user manual for “XBee/Xbee-Pro ZB” and see the Check sum calculation. Other thing for XBee/RF family features comparison, you can go to the following link.

Is it not possible to change the modem type in my new, from XB24-B to XB24, since I have 7 other devices alredy using the XBEE 802.15.4 protocoll. I would rather not change them, since they are used in the system already.

As you have already gone through the xbee\rf features chart, which also describe about the protocol supported on each type of xbee modules. IEEE 802.15.4 is supported on xb24 module only. And xb24-b supports znet2.5, but xb24-b can be programmed as Xb24-ZB as ZB is revised version of znet2.5. Therefore xb24-b can not be programmed as 802.15.4 due to both support different protocol stack. But I would suggest that you should contact Digi Technical Support through Support webportal for finding some solution.