Modem Type

Our manufacturing folks recently got some new Digi modules. We were having some problems with communicating with an existing test system. When I had them pull out the module and read it from X-CTU the modem type came up with XBP24BZ7. I hadn’t seen that modem type before on any previous modules so I had him set it to XBP24-ZB (along with the correct Function Set and Version #) since that is what I was expecting . I had them check the Always Update Firmware box and then write. After reading it back, the Modem type still read XBP24BZ7, but the Function Set and Version read back as expected.

I had them go ahead and put it back on our board and try the communications again. This time there were no problems.

After reading a few forum posts, it seems like the XBP24BZ7 is the newest hardware rev from Digi. I was a bit puzzled why it read back as XBP24BZ7 instead of XBP24-ZB. I am guessing that because it’s the new hardware, it’s always going to read back as that modem type?

Unfortunately I’m not in the same city as our manufacturing people and I don’t have any of the new modules to test out myself. Looks like I’m going to have to update our manufacturing instructions to include the new modem type.


Yes, the XBP24BZ is the replacement of the XBP24-ZB module and is fully compatible with the previous hardware versions.

Thanks for the confirmation.

It is not only the replacement … it is better :slight_smile: