Xbee: Firmware incompatibility list

I am a beginner using Xbee radios. Unfortunately, i’ve discovered some troubles uploading incompatible firmware to my radios, and, now I can not write / read to Xbees.
Although I can solve it and reset my radios, I wouldn’t spend more time again reseting radios…
Therefore, does anybody know if exists any firmware compatibility list from Digi?
I have Xbee’s XBP24
Thanks in advance

I would clarify my last mail:
What I mean is that with the X-CTU, you can configure your radio in different ways. You have a tab that tells you the modem (XB-24 for example), and another called “Function Set”, which you can configure as Coordinator, Router, End Device, etc your Xbee radio.
I have a radio XBP24, but I had set as XB24 and Function Coordinator /Router API sometimes… Last Sunday, I uploaded to the radios the firmware Zigbee Router / End Device Analog IO … and there I locked the radio …
What I mean is…does exist a firmware compatibility list from Digi? (example, I have a XBP24 and I can only transfer a specific function set …)
I hope I have clarified the question LOL
Kind regards

XBP-24 tells us that you have an XBee Pro, but more of the model number is needed to see exactly what it is.

If you hop over to the 802.15.4 forum and look at the pinned posts at the top, you’ll find my Unofficial FAQ. See whether the answer to Q1 helps, and feel free to come back if you need more information.

The complete number of my modem is:
XBP24-Z7WIT-004 …
What do you suggest?
Many thanks

The knowledge base is always a good place to check:


Series 2 modules supports ZigBee and ZNet. Series 1 modules supports 802.15.4 and DigiMesh.

Refer the Xbee features comparison at the following link, http://www.digi.com/pdf/chart_xbee_rf_features.pdf , you can get an idea regarding Xbee modules and supported firmwares.