Troubles transfering firmware to Xbee radios

I am a user of the XBee modules. I’ve had problems in the transfer of
firmware to the modems.
My radios are XBP24. Which list of firmware is incompatible with these radios?
How I can solve these problems? Now my radios don’t respond to any computer messages, I can’t read / write to Xbee’s.
I have reviewed some solutions on the Internet, as do a reset just when the error window appears, but I have not got any solution.
Thanks in advance

Hey Check out following video.

But always remember, that you are using correct modem types, function set and firmware version in the x-ctu software.

Thanks for the quick response … I have reviewed the video but nothing … Perhaps the
problem is I do not use any interface board between the XBee and PC. I use an Arduino without microcontroller connecting via USB. To connect the Arduino and the Xbee, I use the pins:

3.3V (Arduino) -> VCC (XBee)
GND (Arduino) -> GND (XBee)
Reset (Arduino) -> RST (XBee)
Tx (Arduino) -> Din (XBee)
Rx (Arduino) -> Dout (XBee)

When it’s time to reset, I push the reset button on my Arduino … But nothing happens.
My radio is XBP24-Z7WIT-004rev H. …
With all this information … Any suggestions? I do not really know what to do, I’m confused …
Thank you very much