X-CTU Graphical problem


I am currently having a graphical problem with the X-CTU program that makes it difficult to use the Range Test tab effectively.

It appears that the lower section of the Range Test window is “moved up”, causing some of it to be inaccessible.

I have added a screenshot of what I mean.

Cheers, and thank you

Hello Joey,

That’s very strange, I’ve never seen that before. Are you using the latest version of X-CTU (find it here). Does it only happen with the Range Test tab? Which OS are you using?

Other option is to use Moltosenso’s Iron Suite, a multi-platform tool that also has the Range Test facility.

Best regards,

I am using Windows 7 32-bit.

This only occurs in the range test tab

I am using the latest version of X-CTU. However, whenever I update it using the “Download new versions” button, it will always tell me that it updated the XB24-WF modem to version 1015

Moltoseno’s Iron Suite appears to work fine.