X-CTU and Windows 7

I have just installed X-CTU on a new Windows 7 system. With the default port configuration of 9600-N-8-N-1, this X-CTU successfully recognizes Xbee & XBee Pro units attached via USB/FTDI, it successfully reads their parameters, and it successfully writes new values of single parameters. In terminal mode, single AT commands also work, including the high-volume ATND.
If I ask this X-CTU to write new firmware to one of these transceivers, it fails, stating that communication with the transceiver has been lost.
The same software & hardware works perfectly in an old XP/SP3 system.
This sounds to me like a serial-port flow-control problem, but perhaps there is a deeper problem with X-CTU under Windows 7. Have others had experience with this combination?

Now I am trying to upgrade from Windows 7/32 to Windows 7/64, and X-CTU is not performing at all; it can’t recognize my USB/FTDI port. In one of the threads from 7 or months ago, there was mention of Windows 7 drivers then being developed. What is that state of that work?

  • Win 7 64bit
  • X CTU
  • latest driver for Xbee Pro USB shield

Works fine on Win XP

Issues with Win7 : cannot Test/Query a port the CPU goes up to 25%, the test/query pop up opens and remains blank most of the times.
Then when on Range Test, the GUI of X-CTU is somewhat mangled… The few times the Test/Query performs as expected, the Range Test GUI is no more mangled…

The same Xbee, Xbee usb adapter, cable , X-CTU version are used without problem on Win XP SP3.

Any one solved this?


is there a X-CTU update for windows 7 64bit ?

i ask after looking at the downloads for x-ctu and it noted there wasn’t a 64-bit version.

i no longer have any 32bit OS’s at home, all are 64bit now.

what’s the recommended alternative to X-CTU on 64-bit machines these days?


I have similar problem with you.

I am having trouble configuring to the Xbee 802.15.4 that is attached on top of the Xbee USB Explorer.
I am using a Windows 7 x64 OS.
I can see it is connected on my Device Manager under Ports (COM & LPT). When i go on X-CTU and test/query it shows up the following messages.

Communication with modem… OK
Modem type = Name Unknown (ID = 42949672481980867674)
Modem firmware version =

And when I tried to read the Modem, it shows

Failed to enter command mode
Unable to read version (ATVR)
Read Parameters… Failed.

Can someone please tell me why I cannot enter read the modem and enter the command mode?

I’ve seen this error when the modem does not have AT firmware. Is is possible the modem has API firmware on it and not AT?

That might apply to greasetruck’s report, but it certainly doesn’t apply to mine. As noted, my modems[ul]
[li]under Windows XP/SP3, worked fine;
[/li][li]under Windows 7/32, followed AT commands, but could not receive new firmware; and
[/li][li]under Windows 7/64, are invisible.

It sounds like “.NET framework” problem. Don’t know about 7 though. And USB reliability depends on what chipsets your computer has.




i have same problem. what can i do?!!

XCTU should work fine on Windows 7 either 32-bit or 64-bit.

At least, I have the SAME version ( installed on 5 different Win 7 machines, with 2 being 32-bit and 3 being 64-bit.

For some odd reason the Digi support site claims 64-bit not supported, but I do most of my work on Win 7 64-bit with no problem (I will guess that this is an old obsolete warning about XP/Vista 64-bit).