XCTU 32-bit ver. installer incompatible with 32bit vista


I downloaded and installed the new version which is supposed to be compatible with 32 bit vista but when ever i open the program i cannot find any ports.

After reading various posts, i tried opening the program in 32bit xp mode but it didnt work.

I also downloaded the vista driver from digi but my xbee wont register in any USB port?

I also tried all of this on a 2nd laptop but not success as of yet!

i would be grateful if anybody had any help on how to fix it?


The Problem you facing with FTDI drivers, not X-CTU.

There are FTDI drivers for Windows 7,that works on 32 bit Vista with me.

Check out…

www.digi.com —support — X-Stick — and download new drivers and install them